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Commissioners' Fact Sheets

Read the Commissioners' fact sheets for information on the 2015 review of the State's electoral boundaries, to assist you to make a submission.

Electoral boundaries and democracy Download as PDF (334 kB)
Review timeline Download as PDF (375 kB)
Preliminary Observations Download as PDF (1.74 MB)
Submissions Download as PDF (373 kB)
Statistical Comparisons of State Enrolment (see also Electoral Enrolment Statistics) Download as PDF (700 kB)
Thematic Maps Download as PDF (1.24 MB)
Submission Cover Sheet

Download as PDF (282 kB)
Download as DOCX (303 kB)

Optional Submission Template Download as PDF (365 kB)

Download all the Commissioners' fact sheets (PDF, 2.98 MB)


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