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There will be three opportunities for members of the public to contribute to the distribution process: initial suggestions; comments about suggestions put forward by others; and comments on, or objections to, the draft boundaries proposed by the Electoral Distribution Commissioners (EDCs). It is not necessary to be involved from the beginning of the review. By choosing to wait until other submissions are available to read you can build on your own ideas if you choose.  See the Timetable (fact sheet 2) for the deadlines for submissions.

Submissions can be made about a single district or even part of a district, or across a range of areas.  Where commenting about specific boundaries, it is important to bear in mind the overriding requirement for the number of electors in each district to fall within the prescribed average. 

Who may make a submission?

Anyone - individuals, community groups, political parties, local councils and so on.  Get involved, share your views.

What information is available to assist your submission?

The EDCs will make available core statistical information and maps (see fact sheet 5).  In addition, Electoral Enrolment Statistics provides more detailed statistics and projections.

Hard copy information from the website can be provided on request.

Format for submissions

Submissions are normally required to be in writing. If this represents an issue for you, please advise Electoral Boundaries WA who will advise of possible options.

There is no prescribed format but anyone seeking guidance on how to present a submission can consider using the optional submission template (see Fact Sheet 7).

All submissions should include the name, address, phone number and email address of the person making the submission. If the submission is on behalf of an organisation, the name of the organisation should also be stated. This information should be listed on the cover sheet (see Fact Sheet 6) (PDF, 282 kB) or (DOCX, 303 kB) which can be printed off and attached to the submission.

It is a legislative requirement for the content of all submissions to be made publicly available.  The EDCs propose to publish the names of organisations, but for privacy reasons will not make the names and address details of individuals publicly available.  Anyone preferring anonymity should therefore take care to list their details only on the cover sheet, which will be removed prior to public inspection.

Written submissions should be addressed to the Executive Officer and should be lodged by one of the following:

By post

Electoral Boundaries WA
GPO Box F316
PERTH  WA  6841

In person

Electoral Boundaries WA
Level 2, 111 St Georges Terrace
PERTH  WA  6000



(08) 9214 0455

It is not necessary to provide maps to support your ideas but if you do it would be helpful if they can be viewed electronically as GIS (geographical information system) map files, in a MapInfo (*TAB) format using a GDA94 projection. If you have difficulty sending your GIS files, please contact us for assistance on (08) 9214 0450.

If you provide boundary polygons, it would also be helpful to include relevant data such as calculations and/or annotations that describe features the boundaries in your submission follow (roads, rivers etc)

What will happen to submissions?

The EDCs will consider all submissions submitted by the deadline.  Submissions (excluding the cover sheet) will be available for public inspection at:

Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners
C/O Western Australian Electoral Commission
Level 2, 111 St Georges Terrace

Or on this website

Personal details and other information provided by submitters will be handled in accordance with the best practice guidelines set by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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