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Optional Submission Template

Download the Optional Submission Template (PDF, 366 kB)
Download all Commissioners' fact sheets

All submissions are welcomed by the Electoral Distribution Commissioners and all will be made available for public viewing at the Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners and on this website.

Organisations, political parties and organised proforma submissions will be identified while individuals will not be identified unless advice is received to opt in.

If the cover page template is used it is recommended individuals do not include any identifying information in submissions as this may be published.

It would be most helpful if your ideas could include the following broad areas.

1. Cover page

  • Provide personal contact information as per Fact Sheet 6 (PDF, 248 kB) or (DOCX, 303 kB). This information will only be used if the Commissioners need to make contact.

2. Who you represent

  • Are you an individual or representing an organisation or community group? Please give a brief description of your group and what support you have for your ideas.

3. Nominate your locality

  • Which area is your submission about? Mention all suburbs or localities.

4. You might want to consider

It is important to keep a few things in mind when making a submission. For example:

  • The review is of the whole State so suggestions about individual districts need to be balanced against the need by the Commissioners to distribute electors evenly across the State.
  • Population changes in an electorate may mean a portion of a district may need to be removed or added from an adjacent district.
  • If you are considering significant boundary changes it might mean a district’s name needs to be changed. You can suggest a name.
  • You can provide your ideas at some or all stages of the review. You might wish to see the ideas of others first before commenting.
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