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Download the Conclusion (PDF, 251 kB) or the complete report
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The process

The next step in the process is for interested persons to lodge such objections to the proposals contained in this publication as they see fit. The Commissioners will consider all objections and may, as a result of adoption of objections or for other good reason, publish final boundaries that vary from these proposals. The final boundaries, to be published by the end of November 2015, will apply for the next State general election, anticipated to be held in March 2017. Any by-elections that are required before the next State general election will be held on the basis of districts as established by the 2011 distribution of the State.

The proposed boundaries, maps and statement of reasons are published in the Government Gazette and in statewide editions of The West Australian. This document (which contains a more detailed explanation of the proposed boundaries, the Commissioners’ reasons and the relevant maps) should be read in conjunction with the published matters.  All of this material is available to download from the Electoral Boundaries WA website. The documents can be inspected at the Western Australian Electoral Commission and hard copies are available on request.  Once they have been determined, the final boundaries will be published in the same way.

The proposed changes to the boundaries of electoral regions and districts are substantial and it is important that electors study this material carefully.


Written objections are now invited on the proposed boundaries, the proposed names of electoral districts or any other relevant matter. Any objections to the proposals must be lodged by 5.00 pm on Monday, 24 August 2015. Objections must be in writing and should give a concise and clear statement of the reason for the objection and any relevant facts on which it is based. Where possible, an indication of an outcome that would satisfy the objector should also be included with the submission. All objections will be made publicly available on the Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners’ website and at the premises of the Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners after the closing date.

Objections are to be addressed to:

Executive Officer
Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners
Level 2, 111 St Georges Terrace

Postal Address:
GPO Box F316

(08) 9214 0455


If you require further information, please call (08) 9214 0450 (toll-free 13 63 06)

The Hon. Neville Owen
Mr David Kerslake
Electoral Commissioner
Mr Tom Joseph
Government Statistician


Total votes: 2687